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Ginny Sterling is an avid romance writer. She lives to tell sweet, inspirational, tender tales that tug at the heart- leaving the reader smiling, laughing or crying. She favors writing western or contemporary books - several of which- are included in The Lawkeepers Series, Disaster City Search & Rescue, and her own series Healing Hearts . Ginny is a co-creator of Playing for Keeps with Jenna Brandt and Jo Grafford.

Growing up, Ginny traveled extensively visiting family, seeing the sights, and learning that everything in life worth having revolves around love, faith and home. Having lived in several different parts of the United States, she and her family have settled in Kentucky. When not at work, she spends all of her free time writing, quilting, or shopping for coffee mugs to add to her collection.

Writing under an alternate pen name, Gina Cole, she dabbles in a fantasy world that whisks you away from the daily doldrums of reality with steamy contemporary and time travel romances. Her Bride Series throws fate to the wind, bringing together two hearts...whereas her Timeless Brides series is more like a crash course in life, somewhere in the past, with a Hunka-hunka burning love.

Each book written is sure to be an adventure designed to bring laughter and love to your heart!

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